Knife and scissors industry in Yangjiang, China

Yangjiang, a city located in southern China, it’s famous for its steel and steel industries. It has been known since ancient times for the production of iron sword casting industries. Yangjiang opened in December 2001 as the “Knife and Scissors Capital of China” by the China Productivity Improvement and Quality Improvement Center. People of Yangjiang strongly committed to cultural issues. They believe that steel knives symbolize Yangjiang, whose hardness reflects the perseverance and courage of the locals, while the elegance of the ceramic knives reflects the tenderness of the Yangjiang people.

Development of knife and scissors industry in Yangjiang

Handicrafts, knives, and scissors have long been produced in Yangjiang. In fact, the city has the most specialty industries. There are currently more than 1,500 manufacturers of hardware, knives and scissors in Yangjiang with a gross production value of over 30 billion euros, an annual production value of 70%, and an export value of 85%. Following the long-term development of the knife and scissors industry in Yangjiang, 60% of the knives and scissors needed today in China, as well as 80% of China’s knife and scissors exports, are produced in Yangjiang. The products are sold to Europe, America, Japan and 100 other foreign countries. Today, Yangjiang has become the largest knife and scissors manufacturer and exporter in China.      Knife and Scissors Industry in Yangjiang City, various products include knives, kitchen knives, scissors, knife service, fruit knives, pocket knives, and products such as special steels, hardware products, plastics and mechanical equipment, accessories, supplies Heating, containers, wooden products, packaging, to a complete set of supplies. The organizational structure of this industry is based on expertise, social collaboration and partnership development. Many famous brands of knives and scissors such as: Shibazi, Invin, Yangwang, etc. are produced in Yangjiang, which has increased the credibility of “Yangjiang Knives and Scissors” and the competitive marketing of Yangjiang Knives and Scissors. It has improved within China as well as abroad and internationally.

International knife and scissors exhibition in Yangjiang

The first exhibition of Knives and Scissors in China took place in sixth month in 2002 in Yangjiang. After that event, Yangjiang city is the host for exhibition of Knives and Scissors each year . This cause many Knives and  Scissors brands and companies to visit there in order to buy the products.        Yangjiang has even become a global exhibition center for knives and scissors, and a communication and information space for corporate collaboration that has enhanced the city’s international and international image and added to its importance. Therefore, Yangjiang can be called the global capital of knives and Scissors.

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