Exhibitions are one of the most important communication tools in the modern age. Even the advent of digital technologies has not diminished the performance of exhibitions for those who were looking for a specific product, service or technology. Exhibitions are more important in some circumstances. Such as the following:

  • People in a city or country where you are looking for a specific product or service, speak another language or feel a great deal of cultural difference
  • Searching for the desired location due to long distances or any other problems is time consuming and therefore costly
  • Your communications are restricted or you do not have access to the communication tools. It is difficult for you to validate individuals and companies.
  • You can’t compare costs, quality and conditions to make a safe decision easily.

China has many exhibitions that will definitely meet your needs.

There are more than 700 fairs held in China every year, with many visitors arriving at what they want at a much lower cost, and also faster, safer and easier.

From the view of Chinestan , some of the exhibitions held in China are more important for one of the following reasons:

  • More audience
  • Long holding history
  • Powerful organizer
  • High number of participants
  • Venue importance

Introducing these exhibitions carefully and accurately is to help you achieve your goals easily in this matter.

The following exhibitions are specific,from Chinestan’s point of view:

China international exhibition of medical equipment (CMEF)

China International Exhibition Of Consuming Goods In Yiwu – China

China International Rubber And Plastic Exhibition

China International Furniture Fair / Shanghai

China international furniture fair / Guangzhou


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