Last Canton Fair Statistics

Undoubtedly Canton fair is the largest exhibition of China with powerful organizers. The Chinese ministry of commerce and China foreign trade center are organizers of this exhibition. They are [...]

Official books of Guangzhou exhibition

For the first time, Chinestan has been established the electronic scan of official information books of Guangzhou exhibition. The books are divided into three phases of this exhibition with exact [...]

Yiwu Information

Yiwu is a commercial city 300 kilometers southwest of Shanghai in East of China an Zhejiang province. Yiwu is known as the greatest city of wholesales. We can say that most of the great merchants [...]

International Trade City Of Yiwu (Futian Market)

The international trade city of Yiwu or Futian market is a huge and unforgettable market which surprises every visitors. Multiple long interconnected buildings in several floors which are fool of [...]

The Largest Ports Of China

With the growth of China economy and specially it’s export, ports of china have been developed over last decades in a way that ten ports of China are among largest ports in the world and among [...]

Description Of Train Tickets

Introducing China trains, types of tickets, ticket guides and shopping tips and cancellation The difference between China trains and the numbering of trains Description Speed Train type High [...]

China Train Tickets

Buy China domestic train tickets with the best price on time and easy. Direct domestic train tickets between different cities wit best rates through Chinestan. For more information and exact [...]

Remittance Of Yuan To China

Due to China’s extensive banking facilities in China and Hong Kong’s banks, China is guaranteed in sending Yuan to China in the shortest time from low to high amounts. Benefits of Yuan remittance [...]

Flight Phrases

  There are a number of special terms for international flights such as booking flight tickets, as you know. These terms and phrases are often in abbreviated forms in flight information forms. [...]

Guangzhou, Trade Paradise, Canton Fair

China import and export fair Largest exhibition in China an the world Meantime, We invite you to visit the largest exhibition of China and the world which attracts hundreds of of people every [...]

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