International Trade City Of Yiwu (Futian Market)

The international trade city of Yiwu or Futian market is a huge and unforgettable market which surprises every visitors. Multiple long interconnected buildings in several floors which are fool of manufacture booths and distributors of all kind of Chinese goods. If anyone enters Yiwu city, even a business man or not or not intended to buy people, it is not possible not to visit this huge market. All visitors can visit just a part of this huge market each time.

This market was built in 1982, but in last years it had been changed 11 times and expanded to this huge market by now. All these years and among all these changes, it had been increased in facilities and services to become an international market. So it has this special position in China and in the world now. Now the bit Yiwu market is an information, innovation, exhibition and distribution center for consuming goods. The Futian market is a daily exhibition which is open 365 days a year instead of a large traditional market.

Bout 4 million square meters area and 100000 present manufactures and supplying 400000 types of products is a shocking statistics for a market. 1700 in 4200 categories in 16 industries with 75000 booths and over 1800000 merchandise is in this exhibition and more than 70% of these products have been exported to 219 countries. 400000 foreign visitors are visiting and shopping in this market every year. It is worth mentioning that more than 1300 foreign business men and foreign trade companies form 100 countries have settled in this city. Over 40000 people visit this market daily and about 5000 of them are foreign business men.

This market has 5 parts which discussed in details here. You can avoid wasting your time by checking the location of your desire goods in the map of each part of this market. You can visit Futian market by taking taxi otherwise you will have to spend a long distance looking for the place you want.

Chinestan has repeatedly organized shopping tours to visit this marker and Yiwu city. If you want to go to this city and visit this market, contact out consultants.

Separated information of goods and areas of Futian market


First area

Floor 1: artificial flowers, toys and flower supplies

Floor 2: jewelry and ornaments, hair ornamental accessories

Floor 3: jewelry, frames, ceramics and crystals, touristic supplies, celebratory supplies and decorations  

Floor 4: Taiwan hall (flowers, jewelry and handicrafts), factory sales markets (toys, flowers, jewelry and supplies)


Second area

Floor 1: clothing and accessories for rain and hurricanes, sacks, umbrellas

Floor 2: electrical products, tools and hardware, locks and vehicles

Floor 3: kitchen and sanitary ware, small home appliances, communication and telecommunication equipment, electronic photography equipment, batteries, lamps, flashlights and watches

Floor 4: electronic appliance and tools

Floor 5: export agencies, special products


Third area

Underground : new year pictures, wall calenders

Floor 1: paper, ink and pen and glasses

Floor 2: amusement and recreation products, sporting goods and stationary

Floor 3: mirror and shrugs, button and zipper, cosmetics, beauty products and clothing accessories

Floor 4: factory sales markets (cosmetics and beauty, sporting goods, stationary, outdoor products and clothing accessories)

Floor 5: frames and paintings


Fourth floor

Floor 1: socks and leggings

Floor 2: knitted goods, hats and masks, gloves, daily necessities and earrings

Floor 3: embroidery threads, towels, rope and twins, shoes, shoelaces and tie

Floor 4: belts, underwear and scarves

Floor 5: shoes, daily necessities, apparel, frame and frame accessories, shopping malls and tourism


Fifth floor

Floor 1: Africa trade fair and exhibition canter, jewelry and crafts, clothing and daily consumables, health and food products and other imported goods

Floor 2: sleeping goods, handicrafts

Floor 3: fabrics curtains, textile fabrics and textiles

Floor 4: car and motorcycles, car necessities and distribution of consuming goods

Floor 5: online services and virtual stores

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