Anything You Want To Know About China SIM-cards

China mobile phone operators

If you want to travel to China you’d better to have a China SIM-card. Like other countries, in China many operators offer SIM card services for mobile phones. China’s largest operators are China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom.

China mobile has older and more comprehensive network and it seems more formal. If you want to keep your SIM Card in future and you want to use that in future travels to China it is a very good Choice.

China Unicom has varied services and more suitable packages. sometimes it has poor roaming services but it worth.

China Telecome is the third Choose which you found it lees and it has poor services and we don’t recommend.

Buying a SIM Card

It is good to buy a SIM card early when you get in to China. Depending on the company and its initial charge the Price of SIM cards varied from 100 to 250 Yuan. By SIM cards from official dealer stores found mostly at airports or shopping malls. Recently for buying SIM cards from official dealers they require person registration (passport) which may take some time. But this way is completely formal and legal and if you lose your SIM card you can buy one with your last number. Many vendors also sell SIM cards. If you are in a hurry or you need a SIM for a short trip, hand sellers are also a good choose. Just make sure about correctness of SIM card after purchase.

Internet and calling countries and charging the SIM card

Since SIM cards are 3G, 4G or 4.5G they have a good internet speed and using internet calls could be better and cheaper than direct calling to other countries, family and friends. Usually first charge of the SIM card is enough for a 7 to 10 days trip but is you finish your SIM charge you can buy one from supermarkets. Data charge is available, if you only use internet you can buy data charge. Of course it is better to use internet from our hotel.

SIM cart validity duration

According to the operator’s law, SIM cards must be registered on the name of a person (if you buy SIM card formal it is on your name), otherwise (it you buy SIM card from hand sellers) it wont work more than 6 or 12 months. But it is not the hole story. The SIM card doesn’t lose it’s credibility and performance, which has enough subscription during you don’t use that. This means if your SIM card has a bit charge, it will be burned soon (after one or two months). monthly subscription is between 9 to 50 Yuan depending on operators. So if you want to leave China for six months you must have 54 Yuan available in your SIM card in order to use it again in your next trip. Of curse your 54 credit had been used after six months.

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