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How to get a China domestic flight ticket

step one:

Only pay passport information (English full name, passport number, date of birth) and the amount of the item and the e-ticket will be E-mailed to you.

Step Two:

Travel in China with ease and at the lowest price.

China domestic flights features:

  • Airline seats on these flights are not much different from international flights and you can book economy or business seats.
  • China’s domestic flights are often brief and sometimes do not even have a catering option.
  • International flights with freight options in passenger mode can carry an extra 30kg, but this time is limited to 20kg on domestic flights in China.
  • Reserve and buy tickets as soon as possible (even about 2 months). China’s large population has caused most planes to fill days ahead of schedule, and ticket prices are rising.
  • Most foreign travelers use domestic flights for intercity transport in China. The following are some of China’s largest and international airlines, most of which operate in the Chinese domestic market, and China will book flights between all Chinese cities.

Chinestan’s recommendations to foreign travelers using China domestic flights:

  • Try not to fix travel time completely. Much has happened to reduce the fare by up to 50% in one day.
  • It is sometimes found that a flight on China’s domestic flights list is much cheaper than others. There is a certain reason for this. This flight may not have an option load or may have a stop in the middle of the route.
  • Some cities in China have a similar name and you may be mistaken when booking a ticket. You should know that each airport besides its name is also marked with a three letter name specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for each airport around the world. So consider this three-letter word for booking a flight ticket and determining the destination city other than the city name.
  • Many travelers who want to save money believe that the train is a cheaper way to travel, in some cases. But in China, it is often the case that the distance between the two cities is high and the train will not only be more expensive but also take a lot of time and make you more tired. In such cases, it is more cost-effective to use domestic flights.

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