Registration And Entry Card Of Guangzhou Exhibition

China’s Guangzhou fair is one the most engaging exhibitions in China and even in the world with diplomatic and political position. Political officials of the province and the country, ambassadors and some special guests from other countries attend at the opening ceremony of exhibitions. This is why registration for the Guangzhou exhibition is compulsory like other exhibitions in China and other countries but it is more intense in this exhibitions. All of the exhibition visitors must present a valid cart at the entry of the exhibition to the security forces. The entry card of the exhibition has a magnetic chip which contains individual information of each visitor and security forces ensure about the correctness of the visiting card this way.

Registration and free entry card in China tours

In all Chinestan tours, new visitors participate in registration and getting card process in order to avoid any problem and waste of time on the first day of exhibition. In addition, if you have bought Chinestan tours and services, Chinestan will Charge you for registration and exhibition card and you will get the card free. And on the first day of Canton Fair’s business travels, a complete justification for the datails of the venue will be presented.

Each visitor will receive the entry exhibition card after submitting the documents and registration process. Passport and photographs are two documents you need for registration and there are some immediate photo cameras for instant snapshot at registration. In the early days of exhibition, crowds will make the registration a very consuming task, which can take even half of a day. In addition, if you are visiting the exhibition for the first time, you must also pay 100 Yuan. In past, at each exhibition period, you had to process the card issuance but since 10 past periods, your can use your card for upcoming periods. In this way you won’t spend time and money for registration.

China and Guangzhou exhibition entry cards

Registration fee for Chinese visitors is five times more as high as 500 Yuan, interestingly. The organizers of the exhibition have tried to increase the focus foreign visitors in order to increase the export from China more. But an important point: due to high costs of registration for Chinese, you sometimes see Chinese in the entry and they ask you to introduce him as a representative in China, an interpreter, or anyone from your company. don’t be deceived and know that helping them can bring you bad things, they want to pay the entry cost lower than 500 Yuan (100 Yuan) according to their exhibition’s laws.

Why registration and login ?

Another benefit of entry registration card is evaluating the success of exhibition and quality of visitors. This procedure has led to publication of Guangzhou exhibition details and comprehensive statistics each period. In the following you can read some of them to fiend out the importance of Guangzhou exhibition or export and import exhibition of China.

Another major advantage of registration and cards is to prevent entrance of public and unskilled visitors to exhibition. There will be fewer crowds in the exhibition and exhibitors will be assure about the quality of visitors so they will spend more time and cost for each visitor. Its good to see that our exhibiting organizers are using these ways to increase the quality of exhibitions.    

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