Remittance Of Yuan To China


Due to China’s extensive banking facilities in China and Hong Kong’s banks, China is guaranteed in sending Yuan to China in the shortest time from low to high amounts.

Benefits of Yuan remittance to China

  • Make remittance in the shortest possible time
  • Economical value of Yuan compared with dollar and other currencies
  • Easy (pay the currency of your choice to stated account and receive Yuan in your China account)

Sending and receiving Yuan to any personal and corporate accounts in different cities and banks of China is possible through Chinestan. According to the amount of money in transfer, remittance fee of Yuan to China is shown below.

Fee (Yuan) Amount (Yuan)
50 1 to 20000
30 20000 to 60000
No commission more than 60000

The ability of paying Yuan to Alipay and Wecaht

If your Chinese side works with Alipay or Wechat or you are buying from Chinese site and you need to pay (online purchase with Unionpay), Chinestan company is able to do such remittance. The fee of these payment is also similar with fee chart with a fee for online payment.


Dollar remittance, Euro remittance from Hong Kong

If the Chinese side or the company you want to exchange money with is only accepting Dollars or Euros, it is possible to transfer and convert the amount of money to these currencies which of course has different fees and delivery time. For more information please send us your request for remittance to China via following form.

Chinese banks

The names of few banks which more dealers deal with is shown in below list.

People’s Bank of China

Agricultural Development Bank of China

China Development Bank

Exim Bank of China

Agricultural Bank of China

Bank of China

Bank of Communications

China CITIC Bank

China Everbright Bank

China Construction Bank

Hua Xia Bank

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Postal Savings Bank of China

Bank of Dalian

China Merchants Bank

Bank of Shanghai

Ping AN Bank

Bank of communicate Ti nos

Bank of Changsha

Bank of Jilin

Bank of Jinzhou

Bank of Ningbo

China Bohai Bank

China Guangfa Bank

Fujian Haixia Bank

Harbin Bank

Industrial Bank

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

Shengjing Bank

Shenzhen City Commercial Bank

Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank


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