Canton Fair – Phase One


The first part of Import and Export exhibition of China(Guangzhou)

127th edition

The greatest Import and Export exhibition of China

The most complete and up-to-date Canton Fair – phase one exhibitors

Electronic and Home electrical appliance

  • Audio and Video productions: Home cinema,CD,DVD,Microphone,Audio recording appliance,TV,Set up box,Video recorder,Analog and tape recorder,Radio,Speaker, Car audio system, TV stands, Digital entertainment products,MP3,MP4,Music player,Digital camera, electronica game equipment.
  • Telecommunications: Mobile,Pager,Local telephone,Pocket PC,Telephone,Fax,Telecommunications cable,Antenna and Receiver,Radio set,Radar equipment,Satellite commutation equipments,Satellite receiver and other telecommunications equipments.
  • Power supply,Dry battery,Lithium battery,Portable power supply,UPS,Computers,Big and medium (size) computers,Mini computers,Desktop computers,PC,CD drive,Floppy drive,Hard disk,Memory,CPU,Audio card,Picture card,Mother board,Key board,Mouse,Monitor,Printer,Scanner,Web cam,Network and Server equipments,
  • Modem,Router,Hub,Network card,Switch,
  • Software,Operating system,Office software, Accounting and management software, Design software, Network software,Games, Educational assistance software, Media software, Translator and dictionary software, Programming, Electronic security equipment, Monitor, Siren, Sensor, Detector, Automatic security equipment, Home and workplace security products, Electronic lock, Smart card.

Office automation

  • Photocopy, Projector, Video conferencing equipment,ATM,Banknote counter, Code reader, Data controller, Paper shredder, Electrical and electronics components, Electronic devices, Inventor, Amplifier, Frequency divider, Converter, Power relay, Voltage transformer, Adapter, Battery, Reactor, Voltage stabilizer,Self, Multi meter, Circuit breaker, Connections, Measuring tools, Charger, Electronic testing equipment, Electronic components (capacitor, resistance, self, dude, switch, cable, wire, Piezo electric, transistor, board)
  • Electric power products: Hardware transmission line, Electric grill, Electric Carbon products,Wire,Cable, Porcelain, Insulation materials, Electrical appliance etc.

Renewable Energy

  • Solar energy, Wind energy, Bioenergy, Tidal energy, Nuclear energy, Nuclear engineering, Nuclear power plant and related equipment, Recycling system (solid, liquid, steam), Environment, Energy consumption monitoring system

Home Appliances

  • Microwave ovens, Electric kettle, Electric cooker, Kitchen fan, Exhaust fan, Dishwasher, Food mixer, Juicer, Cleaning filters, Refrigeration equipment, refrigerator, Freezer

Air Conditioners

  • Cooling and air conditioning, Ventilator, Air humidifier, Air dryer, Air purifier
  • Washing and drying machines: Washing machines, Drying machines, Electric ironing
  • Other Small Electric Appliances: Calculator, Water Heater, Hair Dryer, Oxygen Machine, Shaver, Flashlight, Vacuum, Oven and Heater, Electric Insecticide.

Lighting equipment

  • Lighting System: Industrial Lighting, Decorative Lighting, Immediate & Security Lighting, Entertainment & Lighting Lighting, Exhibition Lighting, Outdoor Lighting
  • Electric light source, Fluorescent lamp, Low energy lamp, Incandescent lamp, Neon lamp, Tungsten lamp, Magnesium lamp
  • Optical fittings, Shades, Post lamps, Fiber optic, Lamp plates, Lamp holder, Lamp cap, Ballast, Voltage stabilizers, Voltage transformer, Starter, Adapter, Converter, Sensor.

Building Materials

  • Building Metals, Chemical Building Materials, Glass Building Materials, Decorative Building Glass, Cement and Cement Products, Refractory & Non-Fire Resistant, Heat Insulation, Heat Preservatives, Cooling Equipment,
  • Coatings & Dyes, Wall & Ceiling Coverings, Waterproofing, Coating & Packaging Materials, Cooling Towers, Building Adhesives, Building Additives, Refractory Materials, Building Waterproofing Materials, Leakproofing Materials, Sealing & Tube Equipment Drawing, plumbing and sealing consumables.
  • Decorative Floor Tiles, Wooden Flooring, Engineered Wooden Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Textile Flooring, Bamboo Flooring, Wall & Floor Coverings, Wallpaper, Curtains, Roof Covering
  • Aluminum sheets and parts, Metal and aluminum windows and doors, Wooden windows, Various doors and windows, Automatic, In-Door systems, Security and Guard systems, Ventilation doors, Light doors, Steel parts
  • Plaster parts, Stone flooring, Stone sculptures, Various stones, Stone decorative parts, Masonry stone, Artificial stone
  • Kitchen equipment, Cabinets and Shelves, Partitions, Baskets, Baskets and Mesh
  • Sanitary Ware, Bathtub & Bathroom, Bathroom Unit, Steam Room, Shower, Bathroom & Toilet Equipment, Bath & Toilet Furniture, Water Heater, Pool Equipment.

Vehicles and spare parts


Tools & Hardware


Energy sources

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